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Improving the Lives of Cancer Survivors

Coordinated Care for Cancer Rehabilitation

The Support, Treat and Rehabilitate (STAR) Program provides patients with coordinated rehabilitation by a team of certified cancer rehabilitation professionals. Each team member provides expertise, guidance, training and support. Our STAR Program is dedicated to “whole person healing” for cancer survivors. This “gold standard” program truly elevates cancer care and helps improve quality of life. This program is available in Ventura County through Radiation Oncology Centers.

Your Rehabilitation Plan

As a STAR Program patient, you will receive coordinated and complete rehabilitation treatment to help improve the issues that affect your daily life. Your cancer rehabilitation plan will depend on individualized goals that focus on increasing strength and energy, managing pain, and improving your quality of life.

Our Team

Our specially trained team of medical professionals is an integral part of the STAR Program. They design and coordinate your personal rehabilitation plan. Our experienced team includes:

  • Expert Nutritionists
  • Speech/Language Pathologists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Marriage & Family Counselor
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Mental Health Professionals

The Gold Standard

Dr. O’Connor explains, "We actively sought a program that would systematically identify loss and needs of the cancer patient, and subsequently provide the physical, nutritional, and psychological rehabilitation best suited for an individual. The nationally acclaimed STAR Program was identified as the gold standard. Now we have a full team of specialists to choreograph the curative therapies and ‘whole person healing’ – the ultimate goal of our collective efforts." Dr. O’Connor adds, "The response has been tremendous, and the number of patients enrolled increases each month."

"The STAR Program is the Cornerstone Of Cancer Care at Radiation Oncology Centers of Ventura County, and Has Elevated The Care in Ventura County as a Comprehensive Cancer Rehabilitation Program."

Cancer Rehabilitation Treats These Symptoms:

  • Pain & Joint Stiffness
  • Memory & Concentration
  • Weakness & Fatigue
  • Swallowing & Speech
  • Shoulder Discomfort
  • Limb Swelling
  • Balance & Walking
  • Anxiety & Depression

Interested in Learning More?

  • First Request a Referral – 805-988-2657 We will coordinate referrals to the STAR Program on an individualized basis, after assessing the needs of each patient.
  • Then Set an Appointment – 805-988-2641 The Cancer Center will discuss how the STAR Program can support you.

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance carriers cover some or all of the treatment provided by certified medical professionals. Check with your carrier about deductibles, co-pays, and limits.

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