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Patient Testimonials

“The best word to describe my experience is flawless. Everyone was fabulous, including the front office staff and the technicians. They were very professional, respectful, and friendly. I also appreciated their flexibility in scheduling my treatments.”

— John C., Esophagus Cancer Survivor

“I liked how Dr. Montes was kind and gracious, and explained everything in detail, as I had many questions. Everybody was wonderful, and I’m thankful everything worked out so well.”

— Rose Ann S., Breast Cancer Survivor

“I was referred for radiation treatments instead of surgery. I would highly recommend Dr. O’Connor to anyone. He was wonderful and my treatments were a pleasant experience. The staff was always on time, fully answered my questions, and they were very nice – in fact, they were awesome!”

— Patricia B., Skin Cancer Survivor

“The staff is a great bunch of people who were professional and helpful at a time when I was under great stress. They worked with my schedule, explained procedures well, and helped me gain a lot of knowledge. I highly recommend Dr. Montes and his team.”

— Susan S., Liver Cancer Survivor

“My coworkers at the hospital recommended Dr. O'Connor, and I was glad that the Center is near my house. The staff members were extremely kind, and I felt comfortable with them. Dr. O'Connor explained my options clearly, answered my questions, and was always ready for me on time. I would recommend Radiation Oncology Centers to anyone because I had such a good experience there.”

— Marissa G. B., Breast Cancer Survivor

“Dr. O'Connor was gracious and answered every question. I was always treated with respect and kindness by the staff. It was like a second family when I was there.”

— Norman P., Prostate Cancer Survivor

“My ENT specialist referred me to Radiation Oncology Centers and I had treatment for about two and a half months. I would give them my highest recommendation. They honored my appointment times, answered all my questions, and explained every step in detail. They are very professional and cordial.”

— Greg J., Nasal Cancer Survivor

“Everyone was very pleasant and could not have been nicer. I would recommend them to anyone.”

— Hyman M., Skin Cancer Survivor

“My surgeon recommended Dr. O'Connor and Dr. Montes for my treatments. The entire team is very caring, and I felt they truly took an interest in me. My experience was excellent, and what truly amazed me is that I never had to wait. I wish I could say that about other doctors!”

— Rita A. L., Breast Cancer Survivor

“A friend of mine from UCLA went to school with Dr. O'Connor and recommended him to me. I went through radiation and chemotherapy, and it was rough. I appreciated the doctor’s demeanor. He was realistic and didn’t sugarcoat it. They have to tell you all the possibilities, but it usually turns out better than you think. I highly recommend them.”

— Thomas D., Skin, Scalp, and Neck Cancer Survivor

“Everything was well-handled, and everyone was professional and courteous.”

— John S., Prostate Cancer Survivor

“Dr. Montes and Dr. O’Connor are not just doctors, they are like counselors who recommended ways to help me cope with all aspects of my illness. I felt I could ask them anything. Their answers reduced my fear and they recommended resources where I could learn more.”

— Wyende B., Breast Cancer Survivor

“Finding out you have cancer can be overwhelming. Dr. O’Connor was very reassuring and positive. He took all my questions seriously and explained the disease. I think the world of every person in the office.”

— Alwyn N., Rectum Cancer Survivor

“Truthfully, I was dumbfounded by how wonderful these doctors and their team are. Dr. Montes is as nice as could be and I enjoyed all the staff. I had no discomfort and no problems.”

— Arline L., Breast Cancer Survivor

“Four years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I was given three treatment options: surgery, seed implantation or IMRT. I chose IMRT at Radiation Oncology Centers and couldn't feel better about my decision. The procedure was painless, relaxing and effective and most importantly I was able to maintain my normal quality of life.”

— Paul J., Prostate Cancer Survivor

“As a nurse, I can tell immediately if a doctor really cares and Dr. O'Connor does. He and the team are absolutely wonderful. I felt comfortable, like I could say or ask anything. My specialty is not in cancer, so Dr. O'Connor explained everything to me in plain English, took the time needed to discuss all options with my husband and me, and I never felt rushed. He explained the history of treatments and how they have developed, and gave me statistics. Although this is very serious, his sense of humor helped put me at ease. I actually looked forward to going to radiation and seeing the staff. They are responsive and all my calls were returned promptly. My relationship with the team became personal and emotional, with lots of hugs.”

— Sherrie M., Breast Cancer Survivor